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Trek to Dzüko valley

Dzüko valley

Truly thrilled and contended as i was bebayed by a bunch of travel junkies with similar mindset and goals.Everytime as we gather with a cup of hot coffee in each hands,we would only love to talked about exploring beautiful nature,new places festival etc.One interesting fact was that,we would set the month and even the most appropriate date for our next adventure on that very day.And try our best to let it befall at the earliest as everyone is famished for the new adventure.we are commonly known as the “She-k”(local dialect) in our colony coz we give more priorities in wandering around apart from anything else.

It was in the month of June 2018,that an expedition to the magical valley begins.The name ‘Dzüko’ means ‘cold water’.It is called so because the valley is so cold that those whose visit are chilled to the soul.It is situated at a distance of about 2700metres above sea level,located at the border of the states of Manipur and Nagaland in northeast india.This valley is well known for its natural environment,seasonal flora and fauna.The rare Dzüko  lily is found only in this valley.

At the Dawn of 15 June 2018,when everyone is still engaged wondering in their own dreamland.we all get set with our gears and essential commodities and ready to venture with full enthusiasm. Nine of us hurried into the Car and that was the day,when we stunned our parent’s,coz in usual days we barely woke up before sunrise.After three and half hrs of bumpy ride from Aenon village luwangsangbam maning imphal,we reached Mao gate(about 102km).Then,we meet up one of our friends hailing from Nagaland to be a part of this daring arduous trek.with no further ado we went to a hotel run by a native people adjacent to the highway inorder to restore our loss energy from a bumpy ride,and also to taste the local cuisine.That was indeed a sumptuous food,some even gobbled up with admirable & amazing nos.of plates.Then we hired a bolero pick up and take Viswema route after 30-35mins of ride.we reached at the foothill of the valley.The ambitious trek begins with a rucksack weighing around 15-20kg each.Ten of us start off the trekking with a bright smile,with great excitement for a new adventure in life.Just after a 7-8 mins of climbed,we come across two roads diverged in the we were in dilemma but suddenly our mind was strike by the eminent poet Robert Frost.And as everyone is well aware with the poem”The road not taken”without any further delayed ,we took the one less travelled by,hoping that it will made a tremendous difference.we quicken our steps,and as we climbed,many breathtaking view of the mountains could be seen,sweet &melodious chirping sound of different birds,made our climbed more lively.And after an hour of climb we catch sight of a beautiful crystal clear water flowing down through the steps that we have to walk upon.It was quite fascinating so we stop for a moment to pose for the lens.Thousands of steps were built by thick blocks of stones,and not only that the whole stones were covered by green moist.After reaching the half way to the valley,it began to drizzle and we had to put on plastic raincoat from getting soaked.It was a freaking cold day,and as we continue our climbed against the gusty wind and rainstorm,everybody start to worn out fully,with reddish face and icy-cold hands.I could no longer walked,and i utterly passed out for a few mins.Having notice of my conditions they were startled and all of friends hastily start to massage all over my body.A few moment later,i was revived again by the lovely hands,and we all burst out to laughter.Very fortunate for me whilst unfortunate for them coz no pictures could be taken from that scene.Then we sat down for a few minutes rest,sky become clearer rains stopped,and we could see a birds soaring their wings in the blue sky and the pure fresh air that blew across us rejuvenated our spirits Yet again looking at the kids,who were literally toddlers,doing the same trek ,motivated me and helped me in reaching the destination.

The sunrise and sunset views at this point are undeniably once in a lifetime experiences.One of the best parts of travelling to the magical valley was that,meet new people and get to know each other,know their travel stories. We also met new travellers not only from india but from others countries too. The misconceptions about this magic land are hilarious whilst dreadful.we stayed in the gigantesque cave for 3 nights and had no issues,problems at all.The only unusual yet annoying problems that we faced was the incessant loud buzzing sounds of cicadas,which prolong throughout the night.We thank God for guiding us and being in our midst throughout our journey.His unceasing love and cares for us knew no bound.At first we didn’t realize we were making memories,we just knew we were having fun.This was one of the most special and memorable  experience l’ve had so far.I will strongly recommend to all the travel seekers & adventures Junkies to visit and discover this hidden valley of Northeast.

“Be Brave.Take risks.Nothing can substitute experience”